Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dear Tim Thomas,

As a Bruins fan, let me help clear up some confusion for you: this is ice hockey, not politics.

Next time, go to the flippin' White House with your teammates.

Now let's get back to playing hockey. Sheesh!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Championship December

There's only one thing better than ushering in a new year with a championship... and that's ushering it in with TWO championships!

Championship #1: Team in Training Fantasy Football League. This year, when the Green Bay Packers went public and sold shares of their team, I didn't even consider buying. Why not? Because I already own a football team -- a fantasy team. Although I have never made the playoffs before, this year felt different. In the middle of the season, my team (known as Team PBR) went on a torrid 6-game winning streak, propelling me into the playoffs. The playoffs weren't easy, as I had to face Team Victorious Secret and Team Nino, our league's two-time defending champion. When the dust settled, however, Team PBR defied all the odds to emerge as champion.

Championship #2: Annual Bahrenburg Boot League. Three times in the last 20, our annual boot hockey game on the Bahrenburg pond in Colchester faced extreme adversity: even in Vermont the pond did not freeze. Did that hold us back? Not in the least; we simply rented the patch ice at Leddy Park and held our tournament there. Location wasn't the only adversity my team faced. Playing against the old guys (starring David and Buck Bahrenburg... I know, tough times when those are your team's stars) and the up-and-coming young guys (featuring the three-brother-combo of Pete, Drew, and Karl), our team lost our first 3 games. Still, our rag-tag team came back to earn the honor of sipping from the silver cup. Victory, I will add, tasted strikingly similar to Pabst Blue Ribbon -- not surprising, given the empty PBR cans seen scattered on the ground around the trophy.

2011 was a great year -- made even better with two hard-earned victories. And what a way to bring in 2012 -- I know this year is going to be great.