Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ski Buddy Turns Six

Oscar our yellow lab turned six years-old yesterday. You might not think a dog's birthday is a blog-worthy event, but I beg to differ: the anniversary is noteworthy for three reasons.

1) I -- not Oscar -- personally received several birthday tidings yesterday both on-line and in person -- unusual, considering my birthday is in March. Why were well-wishers seeking me out on Oscar's birthday, you ask? The answer: Facebook. Oscar has had his own Facebook account for several years now -- with over 100 friends. Yes, my lab! But I recently took the account over. A social media neophyte, I never updated the profile. Therefore, everyone thinks my birthday is November 26th, that I'm single, and that, for my education, I attended April Frost's Holistic Center for Animals and People (Think Like a Dog Levels 1 and 2). Eventually, I'll learn to change the profile. For now, however, I'm expecting the same birthday greetings in 5 months!

2) Oscar's birthday is the anniversary of my acceptance of the "C-word." No -- the other C-word; get your mind out of the gutter! I'm referring, of course, to "commitment" and I was certainly a commit-a-phobe. But while I thought moving in with Alison was a big commitment, onlookers didn't make a big stink until we got a dog. "Whoa, this is serious!" they said. I was already serious, but I guess it took getting a dog together to show this to the world.

3) Not that I was (or am) too concerned with what the world thinks. In fact, I don't even celebrate Oscar's birthday in November. We got him when he was four months old -- in late March. For me, his birthday (like mine) is in March. Good boy, Oscar... I'll get you a chew toy once you've been living here for 6 years. Until then... happy birthday buddy!