Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Growin' Up

It's a classic Springsteen song from his very first album... and it's also what all the kids in the Aiken household keep doing. When we dismantled the crib in lieu of a toddler bed, Alison said it felt like our little girl was headed off for college. We are well aware that childhood is fleeting and before we know it she will be all grown up. For now, we will just treasure every moment with our two-year-old...

... and we'll give this crib -- a "Childcraft" drop-side to whoever needs it. Although we didn't use it, it also transitions to a toddler bed (all instructions and hardware included). It also has a drawer underneath (many of the things we just emptied we hadn't seen since the month before Gunnar was born... including the aforementioned hardware and instructions!).

A disclaimer: I did feel that assembling a nuclear reactor would have been easier than this crib, but you are more handy than I am, and I'm sure you'll have no problem.

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